Software Engineering for Web Applications

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6.171&nbsp;is a course for students who already have some programming and software engineering experience. The goal is to give students some experience in dealing with those challenges that are unique to Internet applications, such as:</p> <ul> <li>concurrency;</li> <li>unpredictable load;</li> <li>security risks;</li> <li>opportunity for wide-area distributed computing;</li> <li>creating a reliable and stateful user experience on top of unreliable connections and stateless protocols;</li> <li>extreme requirements and absurd development schedules;</li> <li>requirements that change mid-way through a project, sometimes because of experience gained from testing with users;</li> <li>user demands for a multi-modal interface.</li> </ul></div> </div> <div id="related" itemprop="description" class="tabContent hide"> <div><h2 class="subhead">Course Collections</h2><p>See related courses in the following collections:</p><h3 class="subsubhead">Find Courses by Topic</h3><ul><li><a href="/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=engineering&subcat=computerscience&spec=softwaredesignandengineering">Computer Science > Software Design and Engineering</a></li><li><a href="/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=engineering&subcat=electricalengineering&spec=telecommunications">Electrical Engineering > Telecommunications</a></li><li><a href="/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=finearts&subcat=mediastudies&spec=digitalmedia">Media Studies > Digital Media</a></li></ul></div> </div> </div> </div><!--Course_inner_chip tag close --> </div><!--Course_wrapper tag close --> </div><!--left tag close --> <div id="right"> <!--Begin Right Portion --> <div> <div id="portletwrapper-6f63772e7269676874746f70706f72746c65746d616e616765720a636f6e746578740a2f506c6f6e650a646f6e617465" class="portletWrapper kssattr-portlethash-6f63772e7269676874746f70706f72746c65746d616e616765720a636f6e746578740a2f506c6f6e650a646f6e617465"><div class="portletStaticText portlet-static-donate"><p class="zero"><a href="http://ocw.mit.edu/donate"><img src="/images/button_donate-now.png" alt="Donate Now." class="donate" /></a> Read more

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