Growing Agile - Impediments

A course for agile teams to learn what impediments are, how to identify them and some techniques for solving them.

Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography

12 weeks of adventure projects make this the perfect course for kids and beginners to learn how to use a camera properly

Entrepreneurs: It is more than just a pitch deck

Learn the art of Agile Pitching from fundraising experts and entrepreneurs.

Introduction to Apache Administration (B118)

Introduction to Apache Administration is designed to teach students how to administer an Apache 2.2 web server. The course covers configuration, management, and security on an Ubuntu operating system ...

Introduction to DNS (B125)

DNS is an integral part of working with the Internet, but what if you don't understand how it works? This course will give you all the insight you need to have a basic understanding of DNS and how it ...

C++ For C Programmers

This course is for experienced C programmers who want to program in C++. The examples and exercises require a basic understanding of algorithms and object-oriented software.

ENGL101: Introduction to Literary Studies

This course will introduce you to the history and practice of English as a scholarly discipline with the goal of preparing you for your future endeavors as an English major. It has been designed to fa...

Introduction To Bash Scripting and Python 101

This course will teach you the basics of Bash scripting and Linux Automation as well as introduction to Python.

German III

This course expands skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Students develop analytic and interpretative skills through the reading of a full-length drama as well as short prose and poetr...

American Political Thought

This course surveys American political thought from the colonial era to the present. Required readings are drawn mainly from primary sources, including writings of politicians, activists, and theorist...

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

<p>This free online Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key busine...

Advanced Chemistry 1

This free online course offers an in-depth exploration of general, organic and analytic chemistry. It examines various topics such as chemical equilibrium, rates of reaction, chromatography and their...

Advanced Natural Language Processing

This course is a graduate introduction to natural language processing - the study of human language from a computational perspective. It covers syntactic, semantic and discourse processing models, emp...

Designing Your Life (Spring 2009)

This course provides an exciting, eye-opening, and thoroughly useful inquiry into what it takes to live an extraordinary life, on your own terms. The instructors address what it takes to succeed, to b...

MongoDB For Developers

Mongo Db - json - jsonp - python - Nosql - non relational databases - c charp - c - c++ - mongodb - asp- php - mysql

Become a Web Developer from Scratch!

All the programming languages you need to become a top skilled Web Developer in one unique amazing course!

EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners

Take dramatically better photos by learning the basic principles you need to master your DSLR camera

Computer Networks

The Internet is a computer network that millions of people use every day. Understand the design strategies used to solve computer networking problems while you learn how the Internet works.

Cryptography I

Learn about the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to apply this knowledge in real-world applications!

Internet History, Technology, and Security

What is the Internet? How was it created? How does it work? How do we secure communications on the Internet?