The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People

The course will cover the basic guiding principles of the Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People and illustrate how theories of psychological development can be applied in understanding chil...

Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography

12 weeks of adventure projects make this the perfect course for kids and beginners to learn how to use a camera properly

How to carry out a usability expert review

Learn how to find and fix usability and user experience bloopers in web, software and mobile user interfaces.

Stanford School of Medicine: Asthma

Learn how asthma causes breathing difficulties in adults and children. Breathing Basics. Asthma. Breathing Basics. Asthma.

Introduction to Apache Administration (B118)

Introduction to Apache Administration is designed to teach students how to administer an Apache 2.2 web server. The course covers configuration, management, and security on an Ubuntu operating system ...

C++ For C Programmers

This course is for experienced C programmers who want to program in C++. The examples and exercises require a basic understanding of algorithms and object-oriented software.

Content Strategy for Professionals 1: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization

The Content Strategy MOOC is for professionals at all levels of a for-profit, non-profit, volunteer or government organization who want to significantly improve their abilities to understand audiences...

COMM411: Public Relations

Effective public relations skills are essential to so much of the success in private and public spheres.  Public relations efforts address how we wish to present ourselves to others and how to deal wi...

ENGL101: Introduction to Literary Studies

This course will introduce you to the history and practice of English as a scholarly discipline with the goal of preparing you for your future endeavors as an English major. It has been designed to fa...

Software Engineering for Web Applications

6.171 is a course for students who already have some programming and software engineering experience. The goal is to give students some experience in dealing with those challenges that are unique...

American Political Thought

This course surveys American political thought from the colonial era to the present. Required readings are drawn mainly from primary sources, including writings of politicians, activists, and theorist...

Cyberpolitics in International Relations: Theory, Methods, Policy

This course focuses on cyberspace and its implications for private and public, sub-national, national, and international actors and entities.

Advanced Mathematics 1

This free online training explores complex numbers and equations, polynomial equations, conics, advanced trigonometry, differentiation, antiderivatives, and vectors in 2- and 3-space. This course is ...

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

<p>This free online Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key busine...

Become a Web Developer from Scratch!

All the programming languages you need to become a top skilled Web Developer in one unique amazing course!

Node.js and Socket.IO for beginners

Learn Node.js and along with how to how to query Mysql through Node and Ajax.


This course will discuss the major ideas used today in the implementation of programming language compilers. You will learn how a program written in a high-level language designed for humans is system...

Computer Architecture

In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors.


Ever played the Kevin Bacon game? This class will show you how it works by giving you an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms, enabling you to discover how individuals are connected.